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How to tell if my septic system is backed up

Drains in the house are backing up

It is possible that there is something obstructing the transfer line between the house and the tank. We would recommend that the line be jetted to clear any solids that might be plugging up the line, and if the tank hasn’t been pumped in a few years it might be time to get that cleaned out as well.

Sewer Smell

A sewer smell around your septic tank could mean problems or it could be an easy fix. The easy fix would be if one of your riser lids is not tightened all the way or the seal on one of those lids is broken. Replacing or repairing the lid should do the trick.

Another cause for a sewer smell could be a damaged or deteriorating septic tank, or effluent coming up to the surface of the soil due to leaks or cracks in the pipes or septic tank.

Septic Alarm

Alarms go off for various reasons. It could be that the septic tank is full and needs to be pumped out; it could be that the pump is not working; or it could be that the floats are malfunctioning.

What to do when my septic system is backed up

Give us a call, We are available 24/7! While you wait for us to get there, try to contain the mess as much as possible- you can use a shop vac or old towels. Don’t use any water or flush any toilets.

If you are feeling up to the task, you can locate the tank/risers and see if there is an effluent filter on your system. When you open up a riser you will see a plastic handle within reach. Grab the handle and pull the filter out. It is plastic so just rinse it off with a garden hose in an inconspicuous spot on your property and slide it back in place. Sometimes a filter can get plugged up and not let any effluent pass through it. If this is the problem, you should almost immediately see the water level in your tank start dropping. This is a good sign!

If the level doesn’t drop, then your septic system is having other issues that we will be able to address once we arrive.

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