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Septic system and sewer line inspections

Inspections are often a necessary step during a real estate transaction and can give peace of mind to both buyers and sellers. We are NAWT-certified and can inspect sewer lines and all types of septic systems. We are also equipped to perform routine inspections that can help homeowners be proactive in septic system maintenance and prevention of costly and/or inconvenient problems.

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Comprehensive Septic System Inspection

Our comprehensive inspections are the most detailed and robust of all the inspections that we do. During these inspections we will pump out the tank, hydro-jet the lines, camera all accessible components, visually observe the function and flow of the system, and compile the findings into an easy-to-read, visually appealing, cloud-based inspection report complete with detailed pictures and video footage and accessible right from your phone or computer.

Septic system inspections

Visual Septic System Inspection

Our visual inspections offer valuable insight into the overall condition and functionality of a septic system. During the inspections we will pump out the tank, visually examine all accessible components, observe the function and flow of the system, and compile the findings into a brief, written summary.

Septic system inspections

Sewer Inspection

Our sewer inspections are an indispensable tool that can help troubleshoot, diagnose, and avoid sewer problems. We have a variety of cameras and camera-heads that equip us to tackle just about any type of situation. All of our findings are compiled into an easy-to-read, visually appealing, cloud-based inspection report that is accessible right from your phone or computer.



A typical inspection takes about two hours to complete, with an additional hour spent writing the report.

Comprehensive Reports usually have a 48-hour turnaround. Any deadlines that need to be met sooner than that can be accommodated as long as our inspectors have notice ahead of time. 

The cost for a Comprehensive Inspection starts around $900. Visual Inspections start at $475. Please note that all of our inspections include us pumping out the septic tank. The price varies based on location, size and type of system, and whether or not the lids to the tank are exposed.

An inspection can provide peace of mind to both buyer and seller. It can also be a way to catch small problems before they turn into big ones that delay the real estate transaction.

Being proactive about the inspections can help a home sell faster. Potential buyers will see a formal report and feel much more capable of making a decision knowing that the home and its systems have already been vetted.

Hydro-jetting involves using a small water hose and various attachments to send highly-pressurized water through septic lines, plumbing, and inside of a septic tank. It is an ideal solution for slow-draining pipes, accumulated fats and grease, and even root growth!

All of our clients and their representatives are welcome and encouraged to be present during an inspection.

If we are present during the tank pumping, we do allow other companies to pump out the tank. In order to ensure that our assessment of a septic system is as accurate as possible, it is important that our inspectors are able to see the contents and condition of the tank prior to pumping.

If the tank is nearly completely empty there is no need for us to pump it out prior to an inspection.

There are generally three ways to access a sewer line: through the roof vent, through a clean-out on the main sewer line, or by removing a toilet and accessing the sewer line that way. 

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