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TLC Patriot is the exclusive installers and distributors or SludgeHammer Advanced Treatment Systems in the state of Montana. SludgeHammer provides simple and economic solutions for a variety of circumstances. It can remediate failed drain fields, prevent decay and corrosion of existing tanks, bulletproof new systems, and so much more!

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Sludgehammer septic solutions
Sludgehammer septic and drainfield solutions in Billings MT

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SludgeHammer’s advanced treatment systems use an aerobic treatment process that breaks down wastewater more efficiently than traditional septic systems. This results in cleaner effluent, longer system life, and lower maintenance costs over time. By partnering with TLC Patriot for your septic system needs, you can take advantage of SludgeHammer’s cutting-edge technology and expert installation services. Contact us today to learn more about how SludgeHammer can benefit your commercial or residential property in Montana.

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One of the worst things a homeowner can hear is that their drain field is failed or failing. Replacing a drain field is expensive, inconvenient, and can be extremely destructive to lawns and landscaping. SludgeHammer’s patented system is a simple, robust solution with a 99.9% success rate in recovering failed or failing drain fields.


SludgeHammer can be utilized in a variety of settings. It reduces drain field size so that it can fit into tight spaces. It can also be used near water boundaries and in areas with high water tables.

For homes that are on cisterns or limited water supplies, the SludgeHammer can be paired with a sub-surface drip irrigation system to allow the fully treated effluent to be utilized as water for the surrounding landscape. Also, since the SludgeHammer works using about the same amount of electricity as a 60-watt light bulb, the system can be integrated with solar power and is an amazing option for those living off-grid.


Algae bloom is the result of high levels of nutrients accumulating in freshwater. Algae overgrowth can become a big problem in residential ponds, landscaping water features, water reservoirs, and small lakes, and is a difficult problem to address with the largely ineffective synthetic products that are currently on the market.

Unlike the biologically disruptive products that only temporarily suppress algae bloom, SludgeHammer has developed a patented blend of bacteria and a variety of proven application techniques to effectively and safely eliminate the algae bloom. In only a few short weeks of treatment, the algae bloom is gone, the environment is improved, and the water is clear and clean again!

Your business relies heavily on safe, effective wastewater treatment. If your septic system fails it can be hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage, not to mention the implications of how your commercial area is viewed if wastewater treatment fails and the environment is harmed. SludgeHammer products work together to ensure that failure never occurs within your septic system. The unique SludgeHammer blend is a combination of bacteria and enzymes that work together to break down organic matter.

Our commercial units can treat as many gallons of wastewater a day as your business needs! These units are further enhanced with the introduction of diffusers and aeration pumps that add oxygen to the system to ensure that the bacteria and enzymes work correctly. With SludgeHammer commercial units, your leach fields will be able to reintroduce wastewater back to the environment safely and effectively, ensuring your business runs smoothly.


Wastewater naturally contains high levels of nitrates and phosphorus along with other waste products. When treated waste (effluent) leaves a septic tank, it enters the drain field where it is then filtered by the soil before entering the water table. In some areas, state and county regulations require that all septic systems being installed are those categorized as “Advanced Treatment.” This simply means that the septic systems must treat the waste in such a way that it does not further degrade the soil or environment. Rather than going straight from the septic tank to the drain field, effluent from these systems undergoes an extra step of treatment. This advanced treatment results in effluent that adds little to no nitrates or phosphorous back into the soil.

Most AT (Advanced Treatment) Systems are extremely complicated and expensive, costing upwards of $30K for a single-family home. After installation they need constant maintenance and monitoring in order to ensure that they function at required levels.

SludgeHammer is the most economical and efficient AT System on the market. It utilizes simple but effective technology to achieve the highest level of treatment and the maintenance is minimal.



TLC-Patriot is the only licensed SludgeHammer installer in the state of Montana. SludgeHammer Group Ltd. issues these licenses to only reputable installers who ascribe to the same values and standards, and who can guarantee quality workmanship and outstanding service to customers.

SludgeHammer has a 99.9% success rate nationwide for drain field remediation.

Yes! As long as the septic tank is in fair condition, a SludgeHammer can be installed directly into the existing tank.

A typical installation takes about 4 hours from start to finish. This could be longer depending on the overall condition and accessibility of the system.  The septic tank will first be pumped out and the SludgeHammer will be installed directly into the existing tank. The patented bacteria blend begins to circulate immediately taking full effect after 2-3 weeks.

As a remediation tool, the SludgeHammer comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee based on certain conditions. If it is unable to recover a failed drain field, the installation and product cost will be applied towards the cost to replace the entire drain field.

The SludgeHammer is non-invasive and environmentally friendly. It uses only a patented bacteria blend and the power of oxygen to reclaim failed drain fields in only a few short weeks. It improves the condition and quality of the soil and it does it all without the use of heavy equipment or synthetic compounds. Unlike many other systems on the market, SludgeHammer stops drain field failure by addressing the root cause.

As an accessory to an existing system, the cost for a SludgeHammer installation is generally around $7500. If the SludgeHammer is being used in a new installation as an Advanced Treatment System, the typical cost starts right around $16,000.

The SludgeHammer does come with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and a Limited Warranty. However, there are certain conditions where this guarantee would not apply. For example, one common cause of drain field failure is overloading of the septic system (Typically this happens when the number of occupants exceeds the intended occupancy for the size of the drain field, or when the occupants are just using too much water.)

Yes! The SludgeHammer system requires as much electricity as a 60-watt bulb, which means that it can easily be powered by solar, wind, or other off-grid electric sources.

SludgeHammer products are mechanically simple and biologically complex. A basic air pump is installed into the septic tank along with a supply of the SludgeHammer patented bacteria blend. The pump aerates the tank and circulates the bacteria. Organic waste passes through the colony of microbes and is rapidly digested to a point of non-existence. This means that what passes from the tank to the drain field is almost pure water. The SludgeHammer literally takes the “septic” out of septic tank! Not only that, but the pump uses just a fraction of energy (equivalent to 1 light bulb running) so it will be only a blip on your energy bill!

Compared to other Advanced Treatment Systems, SludgeHammer are a fraction of the price and hardly any maintenance.

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