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Septic Inspection and Maintenance


Ultimate Solution for a Healthy Septic System

At TLC Patriot Services, we understand the importance of a well-functioning septic system for your property’s health and wellbeing. Our septic inspection and maintenance services are designed to keep your septic system in top condition, ensuring efficient operation and preventing costly issues down the line. By partnering with our team of experienced professionals, you can rest easy knowing that your septic system is in the best possible hands.

Professional inspector conducting a septic inspection, using specialized equipment to diagnose and troubleshoot potential issues in the system near Billings MT.

Septic Inspection services

Keep Your Water Safe and Clean

Septic Inspections

Inspections are something that we specialize in. Whether it’s for a real estate transaction, to diagnose or troubleshoot a problem, or to just give you peace of mind, inspections are an excellent tool that help to give a detailed overview of the condition of a septic system or sewer line. We offer both comprehensive and visual inspections as well as cloud-based written reports that are easy to read, understand, and share with interested parties.

Also, if you are in the market to buy or sell a house, don’t forget to have the septic system and the drain field inspected. Our thorough inspections and keen expertise can help identify potential problems and offer solutions for existing problems, giving you peace of mind in the buying or selling process.

septic system control panel troubleshooting by TLC Patriot in Billings MT

Why TLC Patriot?

Troubleshoot Septic System


It’s important for the health of your system that your control panel function properly. We offer comprehensive troubleshooting to ensure you’re always in control! .

TLC Patriot has the expertise and equipment necessary to troubleshoot various septic system issues, ensuring that the system is restored to optimal functioning while minimizing the risk of environmental contamination and damage to your property.

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