Montana septic services

Septic Services

TLC Patriot offers all-encompassing septic services and is licensed in Yellowstone, Stillwater, and Carbon counties. Our septic services include pumping, treatment, repair, maintenance, and installation. We also offer inspections and drain field rejuvenation/repair. Whatever the job may be, if it involves a septic system we can get it done safely and effectively.
Montana septic services
The experience and equipment for all of your septic needs!

Septic Equipment

We only use top-notch equipment and have a staff of trained professionals to ensure that septic needs of all sizes are met. We prioritize the proper installation and maintenance of all of our equipment so that we can give customers the best service in the business!
Inspection and maintenance

Inspection & Maintenance

Just as vehicles need regular maintenance to keep them running and reliable, septic systems need regular maintenance as well. One of the most effective ways in preventing expensive septic repairs is through routine inspections and proper, regular maintenance. TLC Patriot is your source for keeping your septic system functioning at optimal levels, and we strive to offer the most comprehensive and cost-effective solutions at every stage of your septic system's life. 

Also, if you are in the market to buy or sell a house, don't forget to have the septic system and the drain field inspected. Our thorough inspections and keen expertise can help identify potential problems and offer solutions for existing problems, giving you peace of mind in the buying or selling process.

Drain Field Rejuvenation and Repair

A drain field is a vital part of any septic system, and our expert team is capable of making sure that your drain field is fully-functional. Drain field problems can be stressful and costly for property owners, and we do our best to ensure that your experience with us is the least of your worries. We can handle any type of repair, including repairing specific lines, rejuvenating the surrounding soil, and even thawing the drain field if it happens to freeze in the winter. 

You may be wondering what exactly "drain field rejuvenation" is. Well, over time a septic system's drain field can begin to fail due to excessive soil compaction and/or a high accumulation of solid materials. If the problem isn't addressed, eventually the whole drain field WILL fail. and the end result will be costly repairs. (Not to mention: high stress levels!). Thankfully, you can avoid all of this by hiring us to rejuvenate your drain field! 

Part of our rejuvenation process involves the use of a probe and an integral pneumatic hammer that forces air into the ground, fracturing the soil and allowing for better absorption of the waste water. For a fraction of the cost of a new drain field installation, TLC Patriot can give your old, worn-out drain field new life and optimal function. 

Signs that your drain field might be failing:

- Soft spots on your lawn.
- Sewage leaking out of the drain field.
- Sewage backing up into your home.
- Slow-flushing or gurgling toilets.
- Sewer smells around your yard or in your house.

Septic Tank Pumping

Did you know that most septic tank malfunctions are due to a lack of regular and thorough pumping? 

Getting your septic system pumped regularly is one of the most important steps you can take in order to maintain its functionality, keep repairs to a minimum, and ensure the health and longevity of the system and your drain field. We recommend that a septic tank be pumped every two to four years depending on the size of the house and the number of occupants. We also recommend routine inspections in between septic pumps so that potential problems can be identified and avoided. Even in a large tank, sludge and scum build-up does occur, and it can lead to failure of the entire septic system and sometimes permanent damage to the drain field if it is not addressed soon enough. This can mean huge inconveniences, costly repairs, and even health hazards. 

Signs that your septic tank needs pumping include:

- Pooling water
- Foul odors
- Slow drains
- Slow toilet flushing
- Sewage back-up
- Poor drain field grass health
- Nitrate concentration
Septic Tank Installation

Septic Tank Excavation and Installation

If your area does not have access to a municipal water system, look to us to handle all of your septic tank installation needs. We have expertise in residential and commercial installation of both pressurized and gravity septic systems, and you can depend on our professional installers to get the job done right! 

Septic Tank Installation

Septic Hydro-Jetting

Hydro-jetting is the process of using highly-pressurized jets of water to clean out the unseen debris, build-up, and obstructions that are deep inside the pipe networks of a septic system. Even systems that are pumped regularly will be less efficient over time if the pipes going up to the house and down to the drain field are not fully cleaned out after each pump job.

And for those systems that have been neglected for many years, hydro-jetting is an absolute lifesaver! Not only will it fully clean out any hardened residue and scum from the inside of the tank, but it will remove the possibility for this material to dislodge and then clog up the drain field, ultimately saving you costly drain field repairs further down the road and extending the health and life of your whole system!
TLC Patriot Septic Tank Truck

Septic Tank Repair

TLC Patriot offers quality, reliable service and can handle all types of septic repairs and maintenance issues. We guarantee the best possible service to ensure your septic tank is always running properly and smoothly. We can do all of the following and more:
- Maintenance and repair of septic pumps
- Replacement of septic tank pumps
- Replacement of floats for pump operation
- Septic tank replacement
- Repair and maintenance of septic alarms
- Replacement of septic transport lines
- Repair and replacement of septic control switches
- Drain field replacement and repair
- Replacement of entire system
TLC Patriot Septic Tank Truck

When is it time to replace a septic tank?

If you smell foul odors coming from your septic system or find that the area surrounding it is unusually damp, or if waste water is backing up in your facility or residence, then call for immediate service. These are often signs of a serious issue affecting your septic tank and they should be addressed immediately.

TLC Patriot understands that seemingly small problems become big problems very quickly, and we are committed to helping you resolve these situations as soon as possible to mitigate greater damage and cost. We understand that emergencies rarely happen at convenient times, and so we are here for you 24/7!  Give us a call and give yourself greater peace of mind knowing that we've got your back!

We look forward to serving you!

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