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Hydro Excavation

In addition to our standard excavation services, we also offer low-impact hydro excavation to safely expose sensitive utilities. Whether it’s gas, electrical power lines, fiberoptics, or phone lines, hydro-excavation can uncover them in a safe and non-disruptive way, even when the ground is frozen!
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Hydro Excavation Equipment

Whether your project calls for traditional excavation services or hydro excavation, we guarantee reliable and professional service, an unwavering commitment to safety, and the knowledge and equipment to get the job done right!

Why should you choose hydro-excavation?

Due to the precisely configured pressurized water and vacuum system, our hydro excavation is a lower-impact alternative to traditional excavation. It allows for accurate digging and visual identification marking of sensitive underground utilities such as gas and power lines. Hydro excavation safely breaks down the soil, mixes it with water, and then vacuums it into a debris tank so that the rest of the worksite is kept clean and hazard-free.
Hydro Excavation Unit in a Field


The process of excavating or exposing underground utilities is called potholing or daylighting. It uses hydro excavation, which is a non-mechanical and non-destructive process ideal for working in and around sensitive utilities. Not only is it a safer way to excavate, but it is a time- and cost-effective method for installing telephone poles, fences, signs and more.
Hydro Excavation Unit in a Field

Slot Trenching

If you need to dig narrow trenches for installing things such as cables, pipes, or any other ground utilities, then you will want to use our slot trenching service featuring hydro excavation. It’s ideal for a variety of jobs including sprinkler system installation.

Debris Removal

When you require debris removal in a sensitive area where there are structures or other environmental elements that you want to avoid damaging, then hydro excavating is going to be your best solution. It’s also an excellent way to remove sludge and clean up spills or catch basins.

Piling Hole Excavation

Piling hole excavation allows you to effectively install items such as poles, posts, and signs. Hydro excavation’s precise technology and minimal disturbance allows piling holes to be created while avoiding the risk of damaging the surrounding area.

Cold Weather and Underwater Digging

We understand that Montana doesn't slow down for any season- including winter! That's why our hydro excavation trucks are equipped with hot water systems that prevent freezing as well as an Air Spade Excavation System that can be used when water might be a concern.

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Hydro Excavation Equipment