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As proud Montanans who understand the value of hard work, dedication, unwavering ethics, and sacrificial service, we are constantly striving to provide the highest quality of products and services to our customers. We handle projects for homeowners, businesses, contractors, site managers, and everyone in between. Our wide range of professional services covers an assortment of needs such as construction site prep, hauling, snow removal, septic services, excavation, and more! And we guarantee that the quality of work accomplished will always reflect our values as a company.  TLC Patriot is here for you with an exceptional team and the right equipment. We are committed to wholeheartedly serving you so that you can have peace of mind and 100% satisfaction with every single job done.  It is our goal to not only meet your expectations, but to exceed them! 
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Our History......

James O'Lexey is a resident of Park City, MT and the owner of TLC-Patriot Septic and Excavation. He grew up in the western U.S. (Montana, Idaho, Wyoming) as the oldest of three siblings in a blue-collar family. He learned early on the value of hard work, personal sacrifice, and integrity and at eleven years old he got his first paying job fixing small engines at a truck stop. His knowledge and skill set grew as well as his passion for learning and understanding exactly "how things work." This led him to pursue engineering at Idaho State University and to work his way up through the oil and gas industry to the position of Drilling/Completions Consultant. He spent nearly 20 years in the industry building his reputation as a "make it happen" kind of guy. Many would say that Jim has "the knack". That is, he has an uncanny ability to pick up any type of tool, look at any kind of machine, examine any problem, and intuitively understand what needs to be done to use it, operate it, improve it, or fix it. 

Despite his success in the energy sector, Jim's desire for professional growth and investment beyond the oil and gas industry took him down the path of starting his own septic and excavating business. This ultimately led him to the door of TLC Inc. in Belgrade, MT. After some careful planning, discussion, and strategizing, Jim and the owners of TLC Inc. crafted an agreement to expand the reputation and work already being done by TLC in SW Montana over to the Billings and surrounding areas. The owners of TLC Inc. have had over 30 years of solid and successful experience in the septic and excavation business, and offered to Jim an opportunity to build a business of his own with the support of their expertise, brand, and direction. 

TLC- Patriot holds to the same values as TLC Inc. That is, an unwavering commitment to providing the best service possible to all customers, and to do so with integrity, passion, and efficiency. It is the goal of TLC-Patriot to carry on the solid reputation that TLC Inc. has built as a "one-stop-shop" for all things septic- and excavation-related, and we are excited to have the privilege to serve the Billings area and the great state of Montana!

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TLC Patriot Septic and Excavation is proud to offer the following services:

Septic vacuum truck

Septic Services

TLC Patriot offers all-encompassing septic services and is licensed in Yellowstone, Stillwater, and Carbon counties. Our septic services include pumping, treatment, repair, maintenance, and installation. We also offer inspections and drain field rejuvenation/repair. Whatever the job may be, if it involves a septic system we can get it done safely and effectively.
Excavator loading dirt in a truck

Excavation Services

If you are needing to build a driveway, install a septic system, hook up power and water lines, or even construct or improve a foundation, then we have the equipment and experience to accomplish it for you! We offer full excavation services with the expertise to handle all project sizes!
TLC Patriot portable toilets

Portable Toilets

TLC Patriot offers great flexibility for portable toilet rentals. You can rent our toilets for one day, a whole year, or even longer! No matter the length of time we guarantee that you will get an outstanding product and excellent service. We can accommodate portable toilet needs of all sizes and locations including construction sites, concerts, farmers markets, carnivals, family reunions, church functions, weddings, and sporting events. We offer these services year-round because we understand that here in Montana life doesn't stop for any season- including winter! Our portable toilets are cleaned and maintained to the highest standards, and we guarantee they will exceed those offered by all our competitors. Whether you need one portable toilet or a hundred, we have the capability to meet your needs! 
Hydro Excavation Truck

Hydro Excavation

TLC Patriot offers Hydro Excavation, which is a non-destructive process to expose underground utilities using pressurized water jetting and industrial strength vacuuming to remove soil. It offers increased safety when dealing with sensitive utilities, giving you peace of mind that the job will be done with in the safest way possible. Our equipment is able to work through a variety of terrain, even frozen ground, all while providing minimal impact to the surrounding area.
Landscaping Gravel

Gravel Shooting

We offer the transportation, installation, and leveling of a variety of materials for all your construction job needs. Whether it’s gravel, topsoil, sand, mulch or wood chips, our gravel shooter truck can accurately place these materials without affecting the surrounding area. Our professional gravel shooters always ensure safety and precision on the job site, and our expert team can save you even more time by sourcing the materials for you.
Reliable TLC Patriot Truck


Our reliable trucks are here to help you haul materials to and from your construction project. We can deliver or remove all types of materials from rock to topsoil to everything in between, and our trained crew will ensure that the job is done safely and efficiently. 
Front End Loader Plowing Snow in a Parking Lot

Snow Plowing

Here in central Montana we get plenty of snow, and our fleet of snow removal equipment is ready to meet your needs all winter long! We take on jobs of all sizes whether parking lots, neighborhood streets, or driveways. TLC Patriot's 24/7 service ensures that your site or roads are safe for travel regardless of the day, the time, or the amount of snow.  Our equipment is well-maintained and our professional crew will make sure that the snow is cleared away in a safe and timely manner.
Day or Night

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TLC Patriot Service and Excavation Service offers 24/7 emergency services

If you are experiencing a septic or snow-removal emergency after hours, our on-call staff can still be reached at 406-633-4333.

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